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Bing Crosby1. Bing Crosby25076
2. Elvis Presley22990
Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra3. Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra22296
4. Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians18748
5. Billy Murray13929
Perry Como6. Perry Como13029
Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra7. Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra12950
The Glenn Miller Orchestra8. The Glenn Miller Orchestra12522
Madonna9. Madonna12301
10. Henry Burr11155
Al Jolson11. Al Jolson10987
Frank Sinatra12. Frank Sinatra10951
The Beatles13. The Beatles10869
14. Arthur Collins & Byron Harlan10543
Mariah Carey15. Mariah Carey10187
Drake16. Drake10046
17. The Peerless Quartet9930
Ted Lewis & His Band18. Ted Lewis & His Band9706
Michael Jackson19. Michael Jackson9554
Elton John20. Elton John9060
Rihanna21. Rihanna8606
22. Prince's Orchestra8408
Taylor Swift23. Taylor Swift8266
Harry Macdonough24. Harry Macdonough8166
Stevie Wonder25. Stevie Wonder8138
26. John McCormack8098
27. Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra7951
The Rolling Stones28. The Rolling Stones7827
Cliff Richard29. Cliff Richard7229
Janet Jackson30. Janet Jackson7148
Whitney Houston31. Whitney Houston7142
Isham Jones & His Orchestra32. Isham Jones & His Orchestra7020
Swing and Sway with Sammy Kaye33. Swing and Sway with Sammy Kaye7019
Kay Kyser and His Orchestra34. Kay Kyser and His Orchestra6992
Prince35. Prince6779
36. Rudy Vallée & His Connecticut Yankees6668
Eminem37. Eminem6651
Rod Stewart38. Rod Stewart6541
Nat King Cole39. Nat King Cole6529
Freddy Martin and His Orchestra40. Freddy Martin and His Orchestra6518
41. Dinah Shore6443
Beyoncé42. Beyoncé6429
43. Harry James and His Orchestra6384
44. Eddy Duchin and His Orchestra6104
Paul McCartney45. Paul McCartney6030
Bee Gees46. Bee Gees5996
Patti Page47. Patti Page5924
Pat Boone48. Pat Boone5814
Katy Perry49. Katy Perry5764
50. Usher5760
Frankie Laine51. Frankie Laine5660
Jo Stafford52. Jo Stafford5642
Eddie Fisher53. Eddie Fisher5572
54. The American Quartet5555
The Supremes55. The Supremes5505
Vaughn Monroe56. Vaughn Monroe5477
Aretha Franklin57. Aretha Franklin5469
Gene Austin58. Gene Austin5438
59. Henry Burr & Albert Campbell5367
60. The Everly Brothers5208
The Mills Brothers61. The Mills Brothers5189
62. Leo Reisman and His Orchestra5113
Kanye West63. Kanye West5107
Maroon 564. Maroon 55106
Diana Ross65. Diana Ross5085
66. Ada Jones & Billy Murray5081
U267. U25052
68. George Olsen and His Orchestra5041
69. The Haydn Quartet5023
Pink70. Pink5023
71. Ruth Etting4987
Connie Francis72. Connie Francis4944
Marion Harris73. Marion Harris4926
74. Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra4883
75. Byron G. Harlan4880
76. Arthur Collins4873
Fats Waller77. Fats Waller4867
Britney Spears78. Britney Spears4864
Brenda Lee79. Brenda Lee4859
The Temptations80. The Temptations4847
Ada Jones81. Ada Jones4839
82. Russ Morgan4835
83. Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians4820
84. The Andrews Sisters4799
The Beach Boys85. The Beach Boys4748
Donna Summer86. Donna Summer4712
Ricky Nelson87. Ricky Nelson4594
Lady Gaga88. Lady Gaga4585
89. Ray Noble and His Orchestra4553
Louis Armstrong90. Louis Armstrong4464
James Brown91. James Brown4454
Chicago92. Chicago4446
93. Ray Charles4441
94. Hal Kemp and His Orchestra4382
95. Ariana Grande4356
Ed Sheeran96. Ed Sheeran4316
97. Bert Williams4296
98. Jackson 54277
Justin Timberlake99. Justin Timberlake4260
Fats Domino100. Fats Domino4254
Neil Diamond101. Neil Diamond4252
102. Post Malone4242
The Four Seasons103. The Four Seasons4239
Nat Shilkret & the Victor Orchestra104. Nat Shilkret & the Victor Orchestra4209
George Michael105. George Michael4194
106. Jennifer Lopez4177
Chris Brown107. Chris Brown4155
108. Dick Haymes4091
R. Kelly109. R. Kelly4088
110. Enrico Caruso4078
Hall & Oates111. Hall & Oates4058
Marvin Gaye112. Marvin Gaye4056
Phil Collins113. Phil Collins4054
Queen114. Queen3997
115. Jan Garber and His Orchestra3993
116. The Glee Cast3979
Billy Joel117. Billy Joel3959
Cher118. Cher3936
Andy Williams119. Andy Williams3914
Roy Orbison120. Roy Orbison3892
David Bowie121. David Bowie3857
Justin Bieber122. Justin Bieber3834
Olivia Newton-John123. Olivia Newton-John3798
The Carpenters124. The Carpenters3796
Paul Anka125. Paul Anka3773
126. The Weeknd3768
Kelly Clarkson127. Kelly Clarkson3763
Four Tops128. Four Tops3736
129. Ben Bernie & His Orchestra3732
Kool & The Gang130. Kool & The Gang3718
Benny Goodman and His Orchestra131. Benny Goodman and His Orchestra3712
Bon Jovi132. Bon Jovi3691
The Black Eyed Peas133. The Black Eyed Peas3689
Duran Duran134. Duran Duran3655
Dean Martin135. Dean Martin3631
Nora Bayes136. Nora Bayes3629
Eddy Howard137. Eddy Howard3622
Gladys Knight & the Pips138. Gladys Knight & the Pips3619
Artie Shaw and His Orchestra139. Artie Shaw and His Orchestra3604
Tom Jones140. Tom Jones3602
Kylie Minogue141. Kylie Minogue3598
Kenny Rogers142. Kenny Rogers3569
ABBA143. ABBA3553
Dionne Warwick144. Dionne Warwick3539
Bryan Adams145. Bryan Adams3521
Céline Dion146. Céline Dion3467
147. Flo Rida3461
Lil Wayne148. Lil Wayne3459
149. Destiny's Child3428
Nelly150. Nelly3409
Guy Mitchell151. Guy Mitchell3407
152. Doris Day3343
Kay Starr153. Kay Starr3320
Bruno Mars154. Bruno Mars3314
155. Charles Harrison3305
Lionel Richie156. Lionel Richie3267
The Ink Spots157. The Ink Spots3259
158. J.W. Myers3254
Bobby Darin159. Bobby Darin3202
Bobby Vinton160. Bobby Vinton3145
Jay-Z161. Jay-Z3141
Fleetwood Mac162. Fleetwood Mac3135
Christina Aguilera163. Christina Aguilera3132
164. Larry Clinton and His Orchestra3127
Adele165. Adele3122
Boyz II Men166. Boyz II Men3115
Bruce Springsteen167. Bruce Springsteen3089
The Miracles168. The Miracles3084
Mary J. Blige169. Mary J. Blige3080
One Direction170. One Direction3078
The Platters171. The Platters3072
Vic Damone172. Vic Damone3070
173. Fred Astaire3061
174. Shep Fields and His Rippling Rhythm3054
Barry Manilow175. Barry Manilow3053
50 Cent176. 50 Cent3040
Woody Herman and His Orchestra177. Woody Herman and His Orchestra3035
David Guetta178. David Guetta3030
179. The Four Aces3029
Calvin Harris180. Calvin Harris2970
Ted Weems and His Orchestra181. Ted Weems and His Orchestra2956
The Commodores182. The Commodores2953
John Lennon183. John Lennon2947
Tony Bennett184. Tony Bennett2939
185. Les Paul & Mary Ford2928
Pet Shop Boys186. Pet Shop Boys2927
TLC187. TLC2872
Enrique Iglesias188. Enrique Iglesias2871
Coldplay189. Coldplay2861
John Mellencamp190. John Mellencamp2847
Backstreet Boys191. Backstreet Boys2847
192. The Drifters2840
Sam Cooke193. Sam Cooke2823
Tony Martin194. Tony Martin2804
Earth, Wind & Fire195. Earth, Wind & Fire2797
196. Cal Stewart2795
Neil Sedaka197. Neil Sedaka2766
The Hollies198. The Hollies2765
Eddy Arnold199. Eddy Arnold2758
Genesis200. Genesis2756
Nicki Minaj201. Nicki Minaj2741
Aerosmith202. Aerosmith2740
Glen Campbell203. Glen Campbell2732
Red Hot Chili Peppers204. Red Hot Chili Peppers2719
Oasis205. Oasis2719
206. Jason Derulo2717
Petula Clark207. Petula Clark2704
Barbra Streisand208. Barbra Streisand2694
R.E.M.209. R.E.M.2689
Vincent Lopez & His Orchestra210. Vincent Lopez & His Orchestra2666
Herman's Hermits211. Herman's Hermits2662
Electric Light Orchestra212. Electric Light Orchestra2660
Nickelback213. Nickelback2657
214. Wayne King and His Orchestra2652
Teddy Wilson & His Orchestra215. Teddy Wilson & His Orchestra2651
216. Arthur Pryor's Band2648
217. Ozzie Nelson and His Orchestra2645
Green Day218. Green Day2641
Depeche Mode219. Depeche Mode2637
220. Nick Lucas2624
Michael Bolton221. Michael Bolton2617
The Ames Brothers222. The Ames Brothers2617
Chubby Checker223. Chubby Checker2608
Alicia Keys224. Alicia Keys2607
Eagles225. Eagles2590
226. Walter Van Brunt2583
Blondie227. Blondie2560
The Police228. The Police2553
Linkin Park229. Linkin Park2550
230. Take That2544
231. Teresa Brewer2542
Huey Lewis & the News232. Huey Lewis & the News2541
John Denver233. John Denver2540
Brook Benton234. Brook Benton2521
The Dave Clark Five235. The Dave Clark Five2521
Bill Haley & His Comets236. Bill Haley & His Comets2521
Pitbull237. Pitbull2519
238. Eddie Cantor2502
Jackie Wilson239. Jackie Wilson2483
Linda Ronstadt240. Linda Ronstadt2479
Louis Jordan241. Louis Jordan2474
242. Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters2470
UB40243. UB402461
Cliff Edwards244. Cliff Edwards2444
Johnny Mathis245. Johnny Mathis2439
Foreigner246. Foreigner2432
Tim McGraw247. Tim McGraw2419
248. Bob Crosby and His Orchestra2419
Herb Alpert249. Herb Alpert2410
250. Bob Roberts2405
The Spinners [US band]251. The Spinners [US band]2405
252. Billy Jones & Ernest Hare2402
253. Kenny Chesney2395
Three Dog Night254. Three Dog Night2394
T.I.255. T.I.2390
256. Billy Ocean2385
Miley Cyrus257. Miley Cyrus2381
Johnny Cash258. Johnny Cash2378
Westlife259. Westlife2377
Rosemary Clooney260. Rosemary Clooney2375
George Strait261. George Strait2373
262. Wham!2366
263. Van & Schenck2357
LL Cool J264. LL Cool J2356
265. Carl Fenton and His Orchestra2355
Tina Turner266. Tina Turner2351
The Isley Brothers267. The Isley Brothers2350
Cab Calloway268. Cab Calloway2349
Toni Braxton269. Toni Braxton2347
Johnnie Ray270. Johnnie Ray2346
271. Sousa's Band2326
The Pointer Sisters272. The Pointer Sisters2325
Slade273. Slade2321
The Kinks274. The Kinks2320
Bob Seger275. Bob Seger2318
276. Status Quo2311
Ludacris277. Ludacris2309
Robbie Williams278. Robbie Williams2300
Eric Clapton279. Eric Clapton2298
280. Abe Lyman and His Californians2297
281. Les Brown and His Orchestra2293
Simon & Garfunkel282. Simon & Garfunkel2281
283. Richard Marx2263
Def Leppard284. Def Leppard2263
285. Ne-Yo2262
New Kids on the Block286. New Kids on the Block2256
287. The Victor Light Opera Co.2246
Margaret Whiting288. Margaret Whiting2243
Gene Pitney289. Gene Pitney2242
Heart290. Heart2239
Jim Reeves291. Jim Reeves2237
Marty Robbins292. Marty Robbins2232
Conway Twitty293. Conway Twitty2231
Bobby Vee294. Bobby Vee2229
Peggy Lee295. Peggy Lee2228
Aaliyah296. Aaliyah2222
297. Joseph C. Smith's Orchestra2213
Santana298. Santana2210
Ray Anthony and His Orchestra299. Ray Anthony and His Orchestra2207
Monica300. Monica2202
The 5th Dimension301. The 5th Dimension2198
Erasure302. Erasure2193
Foo Fighters303. Foo Fighters2188
Ethel Waters304. Ethel Waters2183
The Who305. The Who2183
Barry White306. Barry White2182
Chuck Berry307. Chuck Berry2174
Akon308. Akon2173
Dawn309. Dawn2169
Gene Autry310. Gene Autry2164
Paula Abdul311. Paula Abdul2162
Gloria Estefan312. Gloria Estefan2154
Donny Osmond313. Donny Osmond2147
Al Martino314. Al Martino2138
Diddy315. Diddy2137
2Pac316. 2Pac2135
Manfred Mann317. Manfred Mann2120
The Stylistics318. The Stylistics2107
The Spice Girls319. The Spice Girls2089
320. KC & the Sunshine Band2071
Sean Paul321. Sean Paul2055
Johnny Mercer322. Johnny Mercer2049
Guns N' Roses323. Guns N' Roses2040
324. Bobby Brown2036
Culture Club325. Culture Club2035
Roxette326. Roxette2033
Avril Lavigne327. Avril Lavigne2017
DJ Khaled328. DJ Khaled2014
Missy Elliott329. Missy Elliott2012
Simply Red330. Simply Red2012
331. Len Spencer & Ada Jones1994
Ella Fitzgerald332. Ella Fitzgerald1990
Pearl Jam333. Pearl Jam1989
Anne Murray334. Anne Murray1985
335. Engelbert Humperdinck1985
Kesha336. Kesha1976
Creedence Clearwater Revival337. Creedence Clearwater Revival1973
The Monkees338. The Monkees1969
Helen Reddy339. Helen Reddy1966
Lonnie Donegan340. Lonnie Donegan1959
Brandy341. Brandy1956
342. Duane Eddy1953
Al Green343. Al Green1945
George Harrison344. George Harrison1944
Buddy Holly345. Buddy Holly1939
Van Halen346. Van Halen1934
INXS347. INXS1921
Sarah Vaughan348. Sarah Vaughan1913
349. Lewis James1904
350. Hot Chocolate1904
351. Sam Smith1903
Shakin' Stevens352. Shakin' Stevens1900
Bobby Rydell353. Bobby Rydell1897
Dion354. Dion1884
Selena Gomez355. Selena Gomez1882
356. The McGuire Sisters1881
357. Charlie Spivak and His Orchestra1881
358. Vess Ossman1876
359. Spike Jones and His City Slickers1871
Cyndi Lauper360. Cyndi Lauper1867
Georgia Gibbs361. Georgia Gibbs1861
Carrie Underwood362. Carrie Underwood1861
OneRepublic363. OneRepublic1857
Shania Twain364. Shania Twain1857
Sting365. Sting1843
Johnny Rivers366. Johnny Rivers1839
Leo Sayer367. Leo Sayer1839
Dr. Hook368. Dr. Hook1838
The Righteous Brothers369. The Righteous Brothers1837
370. Starship1834
371. Eurythmics1831
Wilson Pickett372. Wilson Pickett1826
Sheryl Crow373. Sheryl Crow1824
Ace of Base374. Ace of Base1822
Rascal Flatts375. Rascal Flatts1818
Irving Kaufman376. Irving Kaufman1817
The Animals377. The Animals1809
Toby Keith378. Toby Keith1809
Ellie Goulding379. Ellie Goulding1807
Sheena Easton380. Sheena Easton1799
Luther Vandross381. Luther Vandross1797
382. Will Smith1795
Ciara383. Ciara1790
384. Lawrence Welk and His Orchestra1786
Snoop Dogg385. Snoop Dogg1781
Journey386. Journey1780
387. Faith Hill1775
388. Arthur Fields1768
389. Dan Quinn1767
En Vogue390. En Vogue1767
Dusty Springfield391. Dusty Springfield1765
392. The Benson Orchestra of Chicago1765
393. The O'Jays1762
The Four Lads394. The Four Lads1762
Ja Rule395. Ja Rule1760
396. The Victor Military Band1753
The Pussycat Dolls397. The Pussycat Dolls1750
Bob Dylan398. Bob Dylan1749
Paul Simon399. Paul Simon1746
Shakira400. Shakira1744
Count Basie401. Count Basie1743
402. Imagine Dragons1742
403. Travis Scott1741
No Doubt404. No Doubt1737
OutKast405. OutKast1737
406. The Impressions1736
Natalie Cole407. Natalie Cole1730
Tears for Fears408. Tears for Fears1725
409. Frank Stanley1724
Metallica410. Metallica1723
411. The Hilltoppers1719
Madness412. Madness1717
413. Frank Crumit1715
414. Les Baxter1714
The Shadows415. The Shadows1714
The Human League416. The Human League1711
Tom Petty417. Tom Petty1697
Kate Smith418. Kate Smith1693
419. Air Supply1686
420. Tommy James & the Shondells1679
421. B.J. Thomas1673
422. Ray Stevens1670
423. Girls Aloud1670
Styx424. Styx1668
Ronnie Milsap425. Ronnie Milsap1666
Brad Paisley426. Brad Paisley1666
427. Little Mix1661
428. Frankie Carle and His Orchestra1657
Busta Rhymes429. Busta Rhymes1657
Billy Eckstine430. Billy Eckstine1654
Nelly Furtado431. Nelly Furtado1652
The Sweet432. The Sweet1649
Carly Simon433. Carly Simon1648
Keith Urban434. Keith Urban1648
Dolly Parton435. Dolly Parton1647
Alanis Morissette436. Alanis Morissette1644
McFly437. McFly1644
Fergie438. Fergie1643
Taylor Dayne439. Taylor Dayne1642
440. The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra1641
441. Tommy Roe1640
442. Joni James1636
Steve Miller Band443. Steve Miller Band1631
444. Ralph Flanagan and His Orchestra1628
Manic Street Preachers445. Manic Street Preachers1628
Jerry Lee Lewis446. Jerry Lee Lewis1627
Sly & the Family Stone447. Sly & the Family Stone1625
The Doobie Brothers448. The Doobie Brothers1623
Steve Winwood449. Steve Winwood1623
Luke Bryan450. Luke Bryan1619
451. Len Spencer1617
Sugababes452. Sugababes1608
Leona Lewis453. Leona Lewis1603
Carole King454. Carole King1601
455. Frankie Avalon1600
Boyzone456. Boyzone1600
The Osmonds457. The Osmonds1598
T. Rex458. T. Rex1591
459. 'N Sync1590
460. Art Hickman & His Orchestra1590
Chic461. Chic1585
Little Richard462. Little Richard1581
Iron Maiden463. Iron Maiden1580
Del Shannon464. Del Shannon1579
465. Jimmie Lunceford and His Orchestra1576
466. Alma Gluck1570
467. Bobby Goldsboro1567
The Shirelles468. The Shirelles1563
Alan Jackson469. Alan Jackson1563
470. Earl Burtnett & His Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel Orchestra1562
Tennessee Ernie Ford471. Tennessee Ernie Ford1561
The Rascals472. The Rascals1558
Simple Minds473. Simple Minds1554
Boswell Sisters474. Boswell Sisters1551
Gwen Stefani475. Gwen Stefani1549
Donovan476. Donovan1548
Shaggy477. Shaggy1547
Captain & Tennille478. Captain & Tennille1546
The Original Dixieland Jazz Band479. The Original Dixieland Jazz Band1544
480. 3 Doors Down1540
Gilbert O'Sullivan481. Gilbert O'Sullivan1539
482. John Steel1532
Bananarama483. Bananarama1526
Martha and the Vandellas484. Martha and the Vandellas1526
The Moody Blues485. The Moody Blues1525
486. Xavier Cugat and His Waldorf-Astoria Orchestra1524
Kenny Loggins487. Kenny Loggins1524
488. Jimmie Rodgers [pop singer]1523
Rick Springfield489. Rick Springfield1523
Vernon Dalhart490. Vernon Dalhart1522
George Benson491. George Benson1518
Andy Gibb492. Andy Gibb1517
America493. America1516
Ringo Starr494. Ringo Starr1515
War495. War1513
Alice Cooper496. Alice Cooper1507
Bread497. Bread1506
498. Don Bestor & His Orchestra1506
499. Shawn Mendes1502
LeAnn Rimes500. LeAnn Rimes1502
501. Salt-N-Pepa1498
matchbox twenty502. matchbox twenty1495
New Order503. New Order1494
Merle Haggard504. Merle Haggard1490
505. SWV1489
The Cars506. The Cars1483
507. The Chainsmokers1482
Blur508. Blur1479
Eddie Rabbitt509. Eddie Rabbitt1477
Sophie Tucker510. Sophie Tucker1473
511. Meghan Trainor1471
512. Billy Murray & the Haydn Quartet1467
Fall Out Boy513. Fall Out Boy1460
Smokey Robinson514. Smokey Robinson1458
515. Stan Kenton and His Orchestra1456
Wet Wet Wet516. Wet Wet Wet1455
Meat Loaf517. Meat Loaf1455
518. The Coasters1454
519. Train1447
520. Bay City Rollers1447
521. Will Oakland1444
Belinda Carlisle522. Belinda Carlisle1441
523. Gary Lewis & the Playboys1440
524. Roger Wolfe Kahn & His Orchestra1433
525. Paul Revere & The Raiders1432
James Taylor526. James Taylor1431
527. The Chi-Lites1430
Keith Sweat528. Keith Sweat1424
529. Rick Astley1421
Jason Aldean530. Jason Aldean1420
REO Speedwagon531. REO Speedwagon1419
532. Babyface1418
533. The Crew-Cuts1413
534. Hugo Winterhalter1409
Lenny Kravitz535. Lenny Kravitz1407
536. Jerry Butler1406
The Bangles537. The Bangles1405
538. The King Cole Trio1401
The Cure539. The Cure1397
Natasha Bedingfield540. Natasha Bedingfield1396
Gerry & the Pacemakers541. Gerry & the Pacemakers1391
542. Ashanti1387
Mildred Bailey543. Mildred Bailey1385
544. Victor Young & His Orchestra1382
Lloyd Price545. Lloyd Price1379
Sonny and Cher546. Sonny and Cher1373
547. Sonny James1373
Blake Shelton548. Blake Shelton1370
Peter, Paul & Mary549. Peter, Paul & Mary1370
The Notorious B.I.G.550. The Notorious B.I.G.1366
Bessie Smith551. Bessie Smith1365
Red Foley552. Red Foley1362
Johnny Tillotson553. Johnny Tillotson1361
554. Benny Krueger and His Orchestra1360
Robert Palmer555. Robert Palmer1358
Frankie Valli556. Frankie Valli1358
557. Avicii1357
558. Gus Arnheim & His Orchestra1353
The Mamas & the Papas559. The Mamas & the Papas1349
Jonas Brothers560. Jonas Brothers1341
Brooks & Dunn561. Brooks & Dunn1341
Creed562. Creed1337
563. Alabama1337
Jody Watley564. Jody Watley1333
The Pretenders565. The Pretenders1333
566. The Offspring1331
Gary Glitter567. Gary Glitter1328
MC Hammer568. MC Hammer1327
Pat Benatar569. Pat Benatar1326
Red Nichols & His Five Pennies570. Red Nichols & His Five Pennies1325
571. Savage Garden1324
Roger Miller572. Roger Miller1323
573. Charlie Rich1323
574. Art Mooney1322
Reba McEntire575. Reba McEntire1321
576. The Tremeloes1320
577. New Edition1319
Survivor578. Survivor1318
579. Taio Cruz1317
Morrissey580. Morrissey1315
581. Miami Sound Machine1314
Lady Antebellum582. Lady Antebellum1313
583. Enric Madriguera and His Orchestra1312
Billy Idol584. Billy Idol1312
10cc585. 10cc1311
Seal586. Seal1311
Roberta Flack587. Roberta Flack1309
Shirley Bassey588. Shirley Bassey1309
Muse589. Muse1308
T-Pain590. T-Pain1308
591. Don Cornell1300
592. Harry Lauder1300
The Killers593. The Killers1298
594. The Jam1294
Gene Krupa and His Orchestra595. Gene Krupa and His Orchestra1294
596. Elsie Baker1292
Cat Stevens597. Cat Stevens1288
598. Billy Vaughn1287
Stereophonics599. Stereophonics1284
Tex Beneke600. Tex Beneke1282
Toto601. Toto1282
Vanessa Williams [Vanessa Lynn Williams]602. Vanessa Williams [Vanessa Lynn Williams]1281
Percy Faith and His Orchestra603. Percy Faith and His Orchestra1278
604. Clean Bandit1277
The Goo Goo Dolls605. The Goo Goo Dolls1276
606. Frank Stanley & Henry Burr1274
Otis Redding607. Otis Redding1265
608. B.o.B1264
Amy Grant609. Amy Grant1262
Lulu610. Lulu1262
611. Jr. Walker & the All-Stars1262
Jan & Dean612. Jan & Dean1258
Bette Midler613. Bette Midler1255
Dr. Dre614. Dr. Dre1252
615. Color Me Badd1249
616. The Searchers1249
617. Pied Pipers1249
The Fontane Sisters618. The Fontane Sisters1245
Debbie Gibson619. Debbie Gibson1243
Adam Faith620. Adam Faith1243
621. Billie Eilish1241
Demi Lovato622. Demi Lovato1233
623. Sammy Davis Jr.1232
Dire Straits624. Dire Straits1230
625. Gordon Jenkins and His Orchestra1230
626. Ray Miller & His Orchestra1229
Don Henley627. Don Henley1229
628. Tony Pastor and His Orchestra1228
629. Reinald Werrenrath1227
The Prodigy630. The Prodigy1224
The Marvelettes631. The Marvelettes1223
Timbaland632. Timbaland1222
The Guess Who633. The Guess Who1219
Stevie Nicks634. Stevie Nicks1218
Crystal Gayle635. Crystal Gayle1216
636. Thompson Twins1215
637. Jamiroquai1215
Little River Band638. Little River Band1214
639. Joe Tex1214
Ricky Martin640. Ricky Martin1213
641. Paul Young1212
Gary Puckett642. Gary Puckett1210
Steve Lawrence643. Steve Lawrence1209
644. Brian Hyland1208
645. Johnny Long and His Orchestra1206
646. Andy Russell1206
Don McLean647. Don McLean1203
Johnnie Taylor648. Johnnie Taylor1201
Frankie Vaughan649. Frankie Vaughan1200
Craig David650. Craig David1200
651. Snap!1199
The Smashing Pumpkins652. The Smashing Pumpkins1198
653. David Essex1197
Jewel654. Jewel1197
Ray Price655. Ray Price1195
656. Sia1194
657. Bow Wow1193
S Club 7658. S Club 71193
659. Dick Jurgens and His Orchestra1190
660. Whispering Jack Smith1189
661. Johnny Nash1189
662. The Ipana Troubadors1188
The Chordettes663. The Chordettes1188
664. Steps1188
665. Ted Fio Rito & His Orchestra1186
666. Paul Weston and His Orchestra1183
Montell Jordan667. Montell Jordan1183
KISS668. KISS1182
669. Sam Donahue and His Orchestra1181
670. Kendrick Lamar1180
671. Frank Stanley & Byron G. Harlan1177
672. Alvino Rey and His Orchestra1176
673. C+C Music Factory1175
674. The Sterling Trio1175
ZZ Top675. ZZ Top1174
J. Cole676. J. Cole1173
Trey Songz677. Trey Songz1171
Howard Jones678. Howard Jones1171
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark679. Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark1170
680. Natalie Imbruglia1170
Christopher Cross681. Christopher Cross1170
Peter & Gordon682. Peter & Gordon1170
683. Harry Tally1169
Coolio684. Coolio1169
685. Tavares1168
Exposé686. Exposé1167
East 17687. East 171166
688. The Bachelors1165
Red Norvo & His Orchestra689. Red Norvo & His Orchestra1164
690. The Wanted [boy band]1163
Connee Boswell691. Connee Boswell1161
Olly Murs692. Olly Murs1157
Les Paul693. Les Paul1155
Poison [hard rock band]694. Poison [hard rock band]1153
Kim Wilde695. Kim Wilde1152
Charley Pride696. Charley Pride1151
697. The Three Suns1149
698. Dick Haymes and Helen Forrest1148
Orrin Tucker and His Orchestra699. Orrin Tucker and His Orchestra1148
700. Joe Simon1148
George Jones701. George Jones1147
702. Jo Stafford and Gordon MacRae1147
Ben E. King703. Ben E. King1145
Dixie Chicks704. Dixie Chicks1143
705. Sister Sledge1142
Wilson Phillips706. Wilson Phillips1140
The Lovin' Spoonful707. The Lovin' Spoonful1139
708. The Merry Macs1139
709. Showaddywaddy1138
Fabolous710. Fabolous1137
Juice Newton711. Juice Newton1136
Spandau Ballet712. Spandau Ballet1133
713. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis1133
Lesley Gore714. Lesley Gore1133
Lonestar715. Lonestar1132
716. Manuel Romain1127
Mary Wells717. Mary Wells1127
Joe718. Joe1127
Gary U.S. Bonds719. Gary U.S. Bonds1127
720. Sam Ash1126
Billy Fury721. Billy Fury1125
Phil Harris722. Phil Harris1124
723. The Diamonds1121
The Doors724. The Doors1120
725. Lucy Isabelle Marsh1119
Kings of Leon726. Kings of Leon1113
Dan Fogelberg727. Dan Fogelberg1112
Boney M.728. Boney M.1112
729. Horace Heidt and His Musical Knights1110
Ginuwine730. Ginuwine1102
731. The Turtles1101
Garth Brooks732. Garth Brooks1101
733. Albert Campbell1100
734. BLACKstreet1098
735. Cilla Black1096
Ernest Tubb736. Ernest Tubb1093
737. AC/DC1089
Eddie Money738. Eddie Money1089
Ronan Keating739. Ronan Keating1088
Kate Bush740. Kate Bush1085
741. Iggy Azalea1085
742. The Seekers1084
Joe Cocker743. Joe Cocker1082
744. Ella Mae Morse1080
Wiz Khalifa745. Wiz Khalifa1079
746. Arden-Ohman Orchestra1076
747. Lisa Stansfield1074
The New Seekers748. The New Seekers1072
749. David Cassidy1071
750. Aileen Stanley1071
751. Gloria Gaynor1070
Peaches & Herb752. Peaches & Herb1070
Peter Gabriel753. Peter Gabriel1070
B.B. King754. B.B. King1068
755. Frank Ifield1068
a-ha756. a-ha1067
Mark Ronson757. Mark Ronson1067
758. Twenty One Pilots1067
759. Men at Work1066
760. Bill Withers1066
Dinah Washington761. Dinah Washington1066
762. Rufus1063
763. Little Jack Little & His Orchestra1063
764. Freddy Cannon1061
765. Evelyn Knight1059
766. Migos1059
767. Dru Hill1056
Billy Preston768. Billy Preston1055
Roxy Music769. Roxy Music1049
Atlantic Starr770. Atlantic Starr1047
The Staple Singers771. The Staple Singers1047
772. Gale Storm1046
Willie Nelson773. Willie Nelson1046
774. Grand Funk Railroad1043
Milli Vanilli775. Milli Vanilli1042
Bobby Bland776. Bobby Bland1038
Tinie Tempah777. Tinie Tempah1035
Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra778. Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra1034
779. Richard Himber & His Orchestra1034
Atomic Kitten780. Atomic Kitten1024
781. Paul Specht & His Orchestra1024
Vera Lynn782. Vera Lynn1022
784. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony1017
The Script785. The Script1017
Shalamar786. Shalamar1015
Webb Pierce787. Webb Pierce1013
Duke Ellington788. Duke Ellington1013
Texas789. Texas1012
The Crystals790. The Crystals1011
The Saturdays791. The Saturdays1008
The Association792. The Association1007
793. Roger Williams1007
794. Xscape1007
795. Mud1005
796. Stormzy1005
797. Florida Georgia Line1005
798. The Manhattans1003
Blue [2000s band]799. Blue [2000s band]1003
Radiohead800. Radiohead1002
801. Stan Freberg1002
Kelis802. Kelis1000
Jessie J803. Jessie J1000
Ohio Players804. Ohio Players999
805. Irene Cara998
Charlie Barnet and His Orchestra806. Charlie Barnet and His Orchestra997
807. The Shannon Four997
Lobo808. Lobo997
Shinedown809. Shinedown995
810. The Heidelberg Quintet994
Pharrell Williams811. Pharrell Williams994
812. Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell994
Frankie Goes to Hollywood813. Frankie Goes to Hollywood993
Paul Weller814. Paul Weller993
815. All Saints993
816. Buddy Clark990
Edwin Starr817. Edwin Starr990
Hootie & the Blowfish818. Hootie & the Blowfish988
Nirvana [American band]819. Nirvana [American band]987
Laura Branigan820. Laura Branigan986
Rose Royce821. Rose Royce986
Mario822. Mario986
Michael Bublé823. Michael Bublé985
824. Jodeci983
Sean Kingston825. Sean Kingston979
826. Dick Robertson & His Orchestra979
827. Mario Lanza978
828. Tammy Wynette978
Nilsson829. Nilsson978
830. The Partridge Family976
Sade831. Sade976
Evanescence832. Evanescence974
Eternal833. Eternal970
J. Geils Band834. J. Geils Band970
835. Soul II Soul969
Papa Roach836. Papa Roach966
837. Tommy Edwards964
Mantovani and His Orchestra838. Mantovani and His Orchestra962
Mitch Miller839. Mitch Miller961
840. The Dells961
Jermaine Jackson841. Jermaine Jackson961
842. M People960
Garbage843. Garbage960
Stone Temple Pilots844. Stone Temple Pilots959
Dierks Bentley845. Dierks Bentley959
846. The Whispers959
Jim Croce847. Jim Croce958
JLS848. JLS957
849. Jack Scott956
850. Johnny Green & His Orchestra955
Peter Andre851. Peter Andre954
Will Young852. Will Young954
853. Soulja Boy Tell 'Em954
854. Sandie Shaw951
Twista855. Twista951
856. Rita Ora951
857. CeCe Peniston951
Jon Secada858. Jon Secada950
Tiffany859. Tiffany948
Johnny Desmond860. Johnny Desmond948
861. Winifred Atwell947
Chaka Khan862. Chaka Khan945
Faron Young863. Faron Young944
The Fray864. The Fray943
865. Staind943
Harry Belafonte866. Harry Belafonte942
Jimmy Dean867. Jimmy Dean942
868. 5ive940
The Pogues869. The Pogues940
Daughtry870. Daughtry939
871. Freddie Slack and His Orchestra938
Nancy Sinatra872. Nancy Sinatra937
Deborah Cox873. Deborah Cox937
874. Chingy936
Eve875. Eve935
Gabrielle876. Gabrielle934
Jessica Simpson877. Jessica Simpson934
2 Unlimited878. 2 Unlimited934
Blink-182879. Blink-182934
Annie Lennox880. Annie Lennox933
Daft Punk881. Daft Punk933
882. Gene Chandler933
Sugar Ray883. Sugar Ray933
Joan Jett884. Joan Jett932
885. XXXTentacion932
886. Real McCoy931
ABC887. ABC931
Jackson Browne888. Jackson Browne931
889. 112931
890. The Revelers931
891. Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes930
892. Bobby Bare929
893. Jagged Edge928
The Chemical Brothers894. The Chemical Brothers927
895. Third Eye Blind927
Booker T. & the MG's896. Booker T. & the MG's923
897. Bobby Helms922
The Lettermen898. The Lettermen921
899. Harry Richman920
900. Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam920
Martina McBride901. Martina McBride920
The Byrds902. The Byrds919
Faithless903. Faithless919
Isaac Hayes904. Isaac Hayes918
905. Don Gibson917
Jay & the Americans906. Jay & the Americans917
907. The Lyric Quartet917
Village People908. Village People916
909. Cardi B914
Bruce Hornsby910. Bruce Hornsby912
911. Fetty Wap911
Billie Holiday912. Billie Holiday910
Supertramp913. Supertramp910
914. Clyde McPhatter910
Jordin Sparks915. Jordin Sparks909
916. Burl Ives907
917. Margaret Whiting and Jimmy Wakely906
Snow Patrol918. Snow Patrol905
919. Deniece Williams905
Puddle of Mudd920. Puddle of Mudd904
All-4-One921. All-4-One903
Ike & Tina Turner922. Ike & Tina Turner902
Sarah McLachlan923. Sarah McLachlan901
Ray Parker Jr924. Ray Parker Jr901
925. Johnny Marvin899
The Beautiful South926. The Beautiful South898
Korn927. Korn896
The Yardbirds928. The Yardbirds895
929. S. H. Dudley895
The Troggs930. The Troggs895
931. 5 Seconds of Summer893
Gordon Lightfoot932. Gordon Lightfoot893
The Jets [pop band]933. The Jets [pop band]892
The B-52's934. The B-52's890
The Game935. The Game888
Fritz Kreisler936. Fritz Kreisler888
Bonnie Tyler937. Bonnie Tyler887
938. Erskine Hawkins and His Orchestra887
939. Rusty Draper887
940. Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta887
941. Betty Hutton885
942. Fun.885
Whitesnake943. Whitesnake885
Counting Crows944. Counting Crows883
Bush945. Bush883
946. Olive Kline881
947. P.M. Dawn881
Waylon Jennings948. Waylon Jennings881
Johnny Horton949. Johnny Horton880
950. The All-American Rejects879
Don Williams951. Don Williams879
Lil' Kim952. Lil' Kim878
953. Reed Miller877
Three Days Grace954. Three Days Grace876
Faith Evans955. Faith Evans875
The Oak Ridge Boys956. The Oak Ridge Boys875
957. Technotronic874
Gym Class Heroes958. Gym Class Heroes874
John Mayer959. John Mayer874
960. The Grass Roots873
Steely Dan961. Steely Dan873
Pink Floyd962. Pink Floyd873
Arctic Monkeys963. Arctic Monkeys872
Weezer964. Weezer870
Kenny G965. Kenny G868
Robin Thicke966. Robin Thicke868
967. Eddie Kendricks867
968. Wayne Fontana867
Cheap Trick969. Cheap Trick867
Lou Rawls970. Lou Rawls866
The Ventures971. The Ventures866
Glenn Frey972. Glenn Frey864
Sérgio Mendes973. Sérgio Mendes864
Fine Young Cannibals974. Fine Young Cannibals864
Louis Prima975. Louis Prima862
976. Henry King and His Orchestra862
Jean Goldkette & His Orchestra977. Jean Goldkette & His Orchestra862
978. Boston861
979. Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas860
Level 42980. Level 42860
Mac Davis981. Mac Davis860
Gary Numan982. Gary Numan859
983. Art Kassel and His Kassels-in-the-Air859
984. The Fugees858
985. The Fleetwoods858
986. Terence Trent D'Arby858
Henry Mancini987. Henry Mancini858
988. Fred Van Eps857
989. Daniel Bedingfield854
The Kingston Trio990. The Kingston Trio854
Bad Company991. Bad Company854
992. Karyn White853
Tony! Toni! Toné!993. Tony! Toni! Toné!853
Seether994. Seether853
995. Alan Turner852
996. Dua Lipa852
997. K-Ci & JoJo851
Moby998. Moby850
999. The Bellamy Brothers849
1000. Leroy Anderson & His Pops Concert Orchestra846
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